Why should i choose pitter pat?

Satisfied customers

"First my sis purchased a toy poodle that they were so happy with!
My husband and I purchased a beautiful female schnoodle(Paris). This angel has been the best dog. She’s over a year old and has had no issues. Temperament is sweet and loving!! We have since returned and purchased another schnoodle(London)! We have 2 perfect dogs with no problems. We recently went with my in-laws their and they purchased a male schnoodle(Jojo) that they are so happy with!! Thanks Pitter Pat Pups!!" Laci Thomas

Helpful and knowledgable

"Patsy at Pitter Pat Pups has been a wonderful breeder to work with!!! I am a professional dog groomer and I have waited 10yrs to find the right toy poodle and she has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My new puppy has an amazing personality, good conformation and healthy!
We will be back to add another toy poodle to our family soon." Cyndie Taylor

awesome experience

"Awesome experience.  I bought a schnauzer Raven 2 years ago and just got my second one on Christmas Eve. Her name is lacy. Great experience. Patsy is so sweet and helpful." Sharon Duncan

Fair prices

"We purchased an adorable schnoodle from Patsy in November. She was very healthy and was very well socialized. She has the perfect demeanor and even rode in the car home without shaking and walked with a leash the first try. We were so happy with her that we went back in January to purchase another puppy from her.  At first impression a person could be discouraged with the appearance of the kennel but do not let this fool you. Patsy cares for and loves all her dogs! It was obvious to us that all her dogs loved her too. Again, we were so happy with how she raises her puppies that we waited to specifically buy from her again. Did I mention that her prices are very fair too?  If you are looking for a great puppy, we highly recommend that you go to Pitter pat kennels." Jeff Atkinson 

loving, caring breeder

 "Many years ago my husband and I met the most wonderful, loving, caring breeder Patsy and at first sight of viewing a boy,  we were like he is going home with us. Absolutely precious toy poodle. Patsy became Grandma Patsy and is always there for us. In making the decision to obtain a puppy, Patsy was highly recommended. In speaking with her on the phone it was surprising because she questioned  us on obtaining a puppy to make sure we would furnish a good home for her baby. It was not about money it was first and foremost assuring her baby would be taken care of and our heart was in it. Bleau was the love of our lives and when he passed Patsy was right there for us. She cried right along with us, and knew we couldn't replace Bleau but she offered us a poodle boy at no cost because we were so heartbroken. At first I was hesitant but later I went to Patsy's website and saw this poodle around Christmas and told my husband I wanted another fur baby. I called Patsy and she said he is waiting for you! Bandit cannot take Bleau's place but he is the sweetest, smartest  little boy and such a joy in our lives. We are always grateful for Patsy and the love and care she gives her babies. For anyone seeking a dog to fulfill their home look no further than Pitter Pat Pups.  Trust me you cannot go wrong!" Evelyn Norris 

Beautiful, Healthy dogs